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Our 2024-25 Season Schedule (Tentative)


  • October 21st & 22nd – Field of Screams – USSSA Tournament – Lynnwood


  1. March 16th & 17th –Tacoma Opener – NSAWA Tournament – Tacoma

  2. March 23rd & 24th – Spring Training – USSSA Tournament - Everett

  3. April 6th & 7th – Meadowdale Classic – NSAWA Tournament – Lynnwood

  4. April 20th & 21st –Snohomish County Opener Tournament – NSAWA Tournament – Everett

  5. May 4th & 5th – May Day Invite – NSAWA Tournament – Everett

  6. May 11th & 12th – Acer’s Mother’s Day Tournament – ACER’s – Auburn

  7. May 31st – June 3rd – Triple Crown Fastpitch Tournament – Oklahoma City (Travel)*

  8. June 8th & 9th – Swinging into Summer – USSSA Tournament - Tacoma

  9. June 21st – 23rd – State Tournament – NSAWA Tournament – Tri-Cities (Travel)*

  10. July 13th & 14th – Fun in The Sun – USSSA Tournament - Kent

  11. July 15th -22nd – Cascades National Championship – USSSA Tournament – Olympia (Travel)*


*Scrimmages in October, November, & February

At Seattle Pride Fastpitch Academy, we believe that the journey of player development extends far beyond the tournament results. We are committed to providing our athletes with a holistic experience that prepares them for success on and off the field.


With the right mix of tournaments, dedication to improvement, and a strong team spirit, we build champions who are ready to excel in softball and in life.

Here's how we strike that balance:

1-Player Development Focus: We prioritize player development through regular practices, specialized training, and individualized coaching. Our dedicated coaching staff is committed to honing the fundamental skills of each player and building their confidence on the field.


2-Tournament Variety: We carefully select a mix of tournaments throughout the season, ranging from local events to more competitive regional and national competitions. This diversity allows our players to face different challenges, experience various levels of competition, and adapt their gameplay accordingly.


3-Skill Application: Tournaments provide valuable opportunities for players to apply what they've learned in practices to real-game situations. This hands-on experience allows them to gauge their progress, learn from successes and setbacks, and continually improve.


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4-Character Building: Beyond wins and losses, we emphasize the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and resilience. Tournaments offer a chance for our athletes to showcase good sportsmanship and demonstrate the values we instill in them as representatives of our program.


5-Feedback and Growth: Tournaments provide valuable feedback for both players and coaches. We use these experiences to identify areas for improvement, adjust our training plans, and ensure that each player's development is on track.


6-Celebrating Success: We celebrate not only tournament victories but also individual milestones and improvements. Recognizing hard work and progress helps foster a positive and supportive team environment.

Come join us in this exciting journey of growth, competition, and camaraderie as we make the most of our 10-12 tournament experiences together.

You can sign up for tryouts right here

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