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Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you if you are new to Fastpitch

  • 1-What do I need to do the day of tryouts ?
    Please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in, get picture taken, & to get ready. You will need your softball gear and a full water bottle.
  • 2-I'm out-of-town for the tryout dates, what should I do?
    - Please email us at: ________________________________ to request a private tryout.
  • 3-When does the 2024-2025 season officially begin?
    - Seattle Pride Fastpitch Academy officially begin? We will begin the new season on September 1, 2024.
  • 4-How many teams will SFC have in the 2024-2025 season?
    - We will have teams in the 10U, 12U, 14, & 16U age divisions.
  • 5-I've never played select softball. Should I try out?
    - Yes! We invite you to tryout! You never know what you will accomplish until you put your mind to it and try! If you have a positive attitude, and want to work hard, we invite you to tryout.
  • 6-What is the commitment level?
    We expect a high level of commitment and focus from the girls who play for Seattle Pride Fastpitch teams. Our teams are focused and goal oriented. Seattle Pride Fastpitch teams should be the priority. The exception being academic requirements and family commitments. That said, we do encourage multi-sport athletes and will try to accommodate those girls who have other sports or organized activities which may conflict with the Seattle Pride Fastpitch schedules. Please discuss any potential conflicts with your head coach.
  • 7-When will practices begin for the new season?
    - Practice scheduling is at the discretion of the head coach per team. Practices typically begin in early September.
  • 8- Where do Seattle Pride Fastpitch team’s practice?
    - Our coaches try to schedule practices in a centralized location for most members on the team. Most practices will be held in Seattle & surrounding areas. Outdoor practices are typically run at the following locations: Chief Sealth, Lincoln Park, Riverview Playfields, PacWest, North Sea-Tac Ball Fields Indoor practices take place at:
  • 9-What are practice schedules?
    Practices are scheduled by the head coach. Teams practice 2-4 times per week with additional opportunities for specialty position work. Practices typically run for 2 hours.
  • 10-Specialty Coaches?
    Seattle Pride Fastpitch works with several local D1 college softball players for hitting, pitching, and catching. Those sessions will be coordinated after the season begins.
  • 11- How long is the season?
    The season runs from September 1st to July 31st. We practice inside and outside year-round.
  • 12-How many tournaments does each team play?
    Tournament schedules are set by the head coach for each team. Teams typically play in 10-12 tournaments in the October to July timeframe.
  • 13- Will my team travel?
    Travel tournaments will be defined by the head coach. Seattle Pride Fastpitch teams play all over Washington. There could be travel tournaments to Oregon, Arizona, California, & Oklahoma as well depending per team.
  • 14-What is Seattle Pride Fastpitch fees per season?
    Player fees vary by team and will be confirmed in player/parent packets.
  • 15-Are scholarships available?
    Yes, we offer scholarships. We never turn anyone away for financial reasons. Email us at: ___________________________ for scholarship information.
  • 16-Who do I email with questions?
    For information about one of the Seattle Pride Fastpitch teams, or to schedule a private tryout, please contact us at: _______________________________
  • 17-What is the program's approach to player development and skill training?
    We emphasize "player development first" meaning that we prioritize the growth and improvement of each individual player. This approach aligns with a long-term perspective on player development, focusing on building a strong foundation of fundamental skills, enhancing softball IQ, and fostering personal growth on and off the field. Players will receive… Individualized Attention: Coaches invest time in understanding each player's strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This individualized attention allows for tailored coaching strategies and training plans. Long-Term Growth: Rather than seeking immediate results, the program focuses on continuous improvement over time. This approach acknowledges that skill development is an ongoing journey that requires dedication and consistent effort. Skill Progression: Training is structured in a progressive manner, with an emphasis on building a solid foundation of fundamental skills before advancing to more complex techniques. Skill progression allows players to develop a well-rounded game. Mental and Emotional Support: The program recognizes the importance of mental and emotional well-being in player development. Coaches provide support and encouragement to help athletes develop resilience and a growth mindset. Personal Goal Setting: Players are encouraged to set personal goals for their development journey. Goal setting provides motivation and direction, helping players stay focused and committed to their growth. By adhering to a "player development first" approach, Seattle Pride Fastpitch Academy creates an environment that values growth, learning, and the overall development of young athletes. This philosophy helps shape well-rounded players who not only excel in basketball but also carry the valuable life skills they learn on the court into other aspects of their lives.
  • 18-Are there opportunities for players to receive college exposure or recruitment assistance?
    Yes, at Seattle Pride Fastpitch Academy, we understand the importance of providing opportunities for our players to receive college exposure as they come up to play for the older elite teams. We strive to support our athletes in their pursuit of playing softball at the collegiate level if that is their goal. Here are some ways we offer college exposure and recruitment assistance to our players: Tournament Participation: We carefully select tournaments and showcases that attract college coaches and scouts. By participating in these competitive events, our players have the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents in front of a wider audience both locally & nationally. College Coaches' Communication: Our coaching staff maintains communication with college coaches and assists in facilitating player-coach interactions. We provide college coaches with information about our players' achievements, academic performance, and character. Player Profiles and Resumes: We help our players create comprehensive player profiles and resumes that include academic information, softtball achievements, and references. These profiles serve as valuable tools for college coaches in their recruitment process. On top of that we can help with getting highlight videos to help showcase their skills. Personal Recommendations: Our coaching staff is dedicated to writing personal recommendations for players who demonstrate strong work ethic, leadership, and character, which can be valuable to college coaches. Recruitment Network: Over time, our program may develop a network of college connections and relationships that can benefit players seeking college opportunities. Seattle Pride has sent well over 60 players on to play college basketball over the years at all levels of Basketball ranging from Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, & the NAIA levels of the game. It is our goal in a few years with Seattle Pride Fastpitch to reach these same numbers. It's important to note that college recruitment is a dynamic process, and individual outcomes can vary based on players' talent, commitment, and fit with collegiate programs. While we offer assistance and exposure opportunities, it's ultimately up to the players to demonstrate their skills and character to college coaches. Our program is committed to supporting players' dreams of playing softball at the college level, and we aim to provide the necessary resources and guidance to help them navigate the recruitment process successfully.
  • 19-What is a select softball program & how is select softball different from recreational or little leagues?
    A select softball program, also known as a competitive or travel softball program, is an advanced level of softball participation typically designed for more skilled and committed players. Unlike recreational or little leagues, which are open to all interested participants, select softball programs involve a more competitive and intensive approach to the sport. Key features of a select softball program include: Skill Level: Select softball programs are intended for players with above-average softball skills and a strong passion for the game. Participants are often required to go through tryouts to demonstrate their abilities and commitment. Competitive Play: Select teams compete at a higher level of competition compared to recreational or little leagues. They often participate in tournaments, leagues, and other competitive events regionally & nationally. Experienced Coaching: Select softball programs are typically led by experienced and knowledgeable coaches who focus on player development, advanced techniques, and tactical strategies. Travel and Time Commitment: Since select teams participate in competitive events, players and their families should be prepared for travel to different locations for games and tournaments. The time commitment involved is often more significant, including frequent practices and weekend games. Skill Development: Select programs prioritize individual skill development and may offer specialized training sessions to help players improve their basketball abilities. Exposure and College Recruitment: For high school-aged players with aspirations to play college softball, select programs can provide exposure to college scouts and recruiters through participation in prestigious tournaments and showcases. Team Selection: Select softball programs may have multiple teams at different skill levels within each age group. Players are assigned to teams based on their skill level and potential for growth. Cost: Participation in select softball programs usually involves higher fees compared to recreational leagues. These fees help cover coaching expenses, tournament entry fees, travel costs, and other program-related expenses. Overall, a select softball program provides a more competitive and challenging environment for talented players who are serious about their softball development and are willing to dedicate time and effort to excel in the sport. It offers an opportunity for players to further develop their skills, compete against strong opponents, and potentially open doors for higher-level softball opportunities in the future.
  • 20-What are the benefits of joining a select basketball team?
    Joining a select softball team can offer numerous benefits to players who are committed to improving their skills and competing at a higher level. Here are some of the advantages of joining a select basketball team: Enhanced Skill Development: Select teams typically have experienced coaches who focus on individual skill development. Players receive specialized coaching and training that can significantly improve their softball abilities. Higher Level of Competition:Select teams compete in competitive leagues and tournaments, offering players the opportunity to face tougher opponents and challenge themselves to elevate their game. Exposure to College Coaches: Many select tournaments and showcases attract college scouts and coaches. Being part of a select team can increase a player's visibility and chances of getting noticed by college programs. Teamwork and Camaraderie: Select teams require players to work together closely, fostering teamwork and camaraderie among teammates. These bonds often extend beyond the softball field. Time Management and Discipline: Playing on a select team requires commitment and dedication. Players learn valuable time management skills as they balance academics, practice, and games. Opportunities for Travel: Select teams often participate in out-of-town tournaments, providing players with opportunities to travel and experience different softtball cultures. Personal Growth and Confidence:Facing tough competition and overcoming challenges can build resilience and confidence in players, both on and off the field. Exposure to Different Coaching Styles: Players on select teams may work with multiple coaches, each with their unique coaching style. This exposure can broaden a player's understanding of the game.

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